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Atlanta divorce and other issues regarding family law can be incredibly stressful. Elevated levels of emotions and tension that many people experience as they work through the process can make it hard to make simple decisions. This is where we come in, to help you focus when you simply don’t have the energy to do so.
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Divorce Mediation


Mediation in an Atlanta divorce plays a huge role in the mitigation of emotional stress and allows you to focus on the negotiations. Our divorce attorneys have years of experience working to obtain the best results for their clients.
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Not My Dog? Atlanta Division of Marital Property

Property Division

In the beginning, property division may seem to be a small fete but once everything is factored into the equation, decisions will grow more and more challenging to make and it will seem almost impossible to agree on anything. Our expert negotiation team at myATLlaw can help both parties to reach an amicable decision.
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Paying Georgia Child Support

Child Support

Calculating the amount of child support children should receive is an extremely important matter that effects everyone involved. Ensuring that you have someone to represent the best interest of the children, as well as yours is crucial to a successful divorce. Regardless if you need support, enforcement or modification, myATLlaw | Slipakoff & Slomka will assist you in acquiring the best solution for your situation.
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Child Custody in Georgia is Hard

Child Custody

Child custody decisions can bring out the ugliness in a divorce. Arguments ensue and everyone forgets that the best interest of the child is what really matters here. It’s okay because we are here to help you remember what matters most. Our team works to ensure that the needs of the children are adequately accommodated before any other details are settled in the divorce.
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Domestic Violence in Georgia Help

Domestic Violence

Whenever domestic violence effects the life of women or children, you need to acquire the expert knowledge of a family law firm that can expedite legal proceedings to get you the protection you and your family need. Perhaps you have been falsely accused and no longer have the rights you so rightfully deserve as a parent. We work to help you regain those rights, while you stay focused on what’s important, being a parent to your children. We are experienced attorneys that work on either side of the spectrum because we know what needs to be done and exactly how to do it.
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Fathers Rights in Georgia

Father's Rights

In the state of Georgia, the father has the right to maintain a relationship with his child, conduct routine visitation, and provide continuous financial support. Our knowledgeable family law attorneys have assisted in the process of negating continuous and positive relationships with their children, ensuring that the best interest of the children is always priority.
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