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Feb 7, 2017
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How To Determine Your Disposable Income for a Chapter 13 Repayment Plan?

Nov 1, 2017
In order to be confirmed (approved) by the court, your Chapter 13 repayment plan must represent your "best effort" at paying back your non priority unsecured creditors. For the most...

My Atl Law Atlanta Divorce Attorney Client Review (Video)

Oct 25, 2017
"If your looking for the best divorce lawyer in Atlanta you have to mention My Atl Law in the conversation." - private My Atl Law strives to provide each of...

Save Your Property By Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Oct 23, 2017
Knowledge Is Power! Most people don't know that when you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, all foreclosure proceedings must stop until your Chapter 13 repayment plan is approved by...

Top 5 Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Oct 10, 2017
Top 5 Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For those facing financial hardships, the question often on their mind is whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both...

Toys'R'Us Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Sep 21, 2017
Image Credit: AP   Faced with $5 billion in long-term investment debt and fierce competition from a rapidly-changing retail marketplace, toy and children’s goods retailer Toys’R’Us has filed for Chapter...
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