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Will Sears Make It To 2019 Without Filing Bankruptcy?

By: davidp
Aug 17, 2018
Everyone has noticed that Sears has been struggling these past couple of years. It’s no secret, just walk into a Sears, and you’ll notice that lack in customer volume. Sears...

HTC Prepares For Bankruptcy

By: davidp
Aug 16, 2018
One of the biggest names in mobile phone and electronics history may very soon be finding themselves in a bankruptcy case. HTC is best for their high tech smart phones...

How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?

By: davidp
Aug 15, 2018
So you’ve been in an accident, filed a personal injury lawsuit, and now are receiving the settlement from the case. However, the debt has been piling up, most likely because...

What Is a Bankruptcy Motion Of Relief Of Stay?

By: davidp
Aug 14, 2018
The fundamentals of bankruptcy may seem confusing at times, but truthfully it is fairly basic. There are only a few steps in the process of a bankruptcy. Sure, it may...

UPDATE: Brookstone will close all 101 stores nationwide through Bankruptcy

By: davidp
Aug 13, 2018
We did an article a few weeks ago about Brookstone retailer filing for a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. However, they are going towards extra lengths to make sure Brookstone achieves...
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