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USA Gymnastics Files Bankruptcy

By: davidp
Dec 10, 2018
On December 6, 2018, the USA Gymnastics organization filed for chapter 11. In their bankruptcy, they plan to restructure over $50 million in debt, however, recent reports say the debt...

Divorce Before The New Year Or Lose Out On Alimony Tax Breaks Forever

By: davidp
Dec 3, 2018
Couples are working harder than ever to finalize their divorce before the end of 2018. This year, President Donald Trump did away with tax breaks for paying alimony. This means...

2018 Holiday Debt Expected To Rise

By: davidp
Nov 29, 2018
Each year, it seems that American’s accumulate more and more holiday debt. Statistics show that each year, the dollar value of debt raises by approximately $200. Not only that, but...

Getting Married & Divorced In Your 20’s

By: davidp
Nov 28, 2018
Well folks, it’s never fun when young love fails. Especially when that young love gets married. However, it still happens, just as much as middle age divorces in fact. Interestingly...

Is General Electric Filing Bankruptcy?

By: davidp
Nov 27, 2018
It doesn’t come as a surprise when news of GE’s finances being in the toilet yet again. GE has struggled for years to financially structure their company. If you keep...
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