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Feb 7, 2017
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Is a Trial Required to Get a Divorce in Georgia?

By: davidp
Apr 24, 2018
It is normal to have a lot of questions and concerns while going through a divorce or considering filing. It can be a scary and stressful process, especially if a...

Debt Relief Company Exposed For Scamming Over $85 Million.

By: davidp
Apr 20, 2018
In recent news media, a Florida Debt Relief and Credit Counseling organization, run together by 3 different owners (Jeremy Marcus, Craig Smith, and Yisbet Segrea) and 11 different company names was...

How Filing Bankruptcy Stops An Eviction

By: davidp
Apr 20, 2018
If you have reached the point where you are just too far behind on your rent payments and you are looking to buy yourself more time, or even try and...

Should You Change Your Last Name After a Divorce?

By: davidp
Apr 19, 2018
In the beginning, before the marriage, but during the engagement, you spent countless moments writing your name on every piece of paper around you. You did this because you were...

When Will Creditors Stop Calling After Filing Bankruptcy?

By: davidp
Apr 17, 2018
Creditors can be some of the most persistent and harassing people to deal with when it comes to having lots of debt. They are often relentless and care very little...
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