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Category: Bankruptcy

This category provides quality information about the evaluation and assessment of available options regarding excessive debt management. Efficient options such as Chapter 13, Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies will all be discussed. Regular updates will be posted that provide relevant information to simplify the transition of useful information, strategic approaches to bankruptcy, and suggestions involving the consolidation of accumulated debt. Once these efficient ideas are measured and applied to unique situations, life can begin anew.

How Many Times Can You File Bankruptcy in Georgia?

Mar 7, 2018
If you have filed bankruptcy in the state of Georgia, you may be wondering whether you can file a second bankruptcy or if there is a limit to the number...

What Is the Difference Between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Feb 26, 2018
If you are filing bankruptcy in the state of Georgia, you may be aware that there are different ways in which you can file.  However, most bankruptcy cases in the...

How To Determine Your Disposable Income for a Chapter 13 Repayment Plan?

Nov 1, 2017
In order to be confirmed (approved) by the court, your Chapter 13 repayment plan must represent your "best effort" at paying back your non priority unsecured creditors. For the most...

Save Your Property By Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Oct 23, 2017
Knowledge Is Power! Most people don't know that when you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition, all foreclosure proceedings must stop until your Chapter 13 repayment plan is approved by...

Top 5 Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Oct 10, 2017
Top 5 Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy For those facing financial hardships, the question often on their mind is whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both...
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