Filing Bankruptcy Online: What are the Potential Repercussions?

Most people are immediately plagued with feelings of embarrassment and shame when they consider or file bankruptcy.  Therefore, it is easy to understand why many people consider filing bankruptcy online to be an ideal option.  This method is the easiest and least intimidating way to file a bankruptcy, but it's important to ask yourself some important questions first.  Georgia bankruptcy attorneys handle thousands of bankruptcy cases each year and the complexity of these cases are unique and vary among clients.


Filing bankruptcy online is an option, but is it ideal for your case?


This depends on several factors but there is one common denominator that applies to each bankruptcy case. One minor or major mistake can initiate a downward spiral in your bankruptcy case and can lead to a bigger financial hardship than before the charge was filed. While online bankruptcy options may seem less intimidating, there are few things worth the risk of ruining your financial credibility for longer than necessary.


Although most bankruptcy attorneys file the case online initially, it is not recommended to handle the case entirely online.


There are many questions to be answered, guidelines to be followed and correspondences to be made that aren’t always adequately assessed via online measures. Failure to comply with the bankruptcy regulations associated by your state could lead to bigger issues, such as criminal charges. An attorney that you can speak with and present questions to will always provide a more hands-on service than any online filing.




Utilize quality measures when obtaining a personal bankruptcy attorney


Although online bankruptcy options aren’t the best, remain aware of the quality of the attorney you retain to facilitate your bankruptcy proceedings. Make certain that you secure the services of an attorney that takes time to address your concerns, answer your questions and present the facts as they apply to your financial situation for your understanding. There will be a need to complete paperwork, schedules and to administer certain documents. This should only be done once you are sure that this is the attorney you are moving forward with and steer clear of those that offer to complete your petition before ever meeting you.


Use online search engines to locate attorneys


As far as an online search, utilize the internet to search Georgia attorneys and read reviews that they have. That should be the extent of your online bankruptcy filing.  Once you have located a credible firm, everything else can be done in person, and eventually by phone. As a rule of thumb, Google typically ranks the most organic results in the top ten of your Google search. This doesn’t mean that every attorney found in the top 10 will render the best services, only that they meet the requirements set forth by Google to be generated as a top listing. You can trust the results but always verify them before use. Filing bankruptcy online is a personal decision, but consider the importance of clearing up the current financial disparities.  You should determine if you can trust the entire process to an online source that you can’t see or talk with regarding your bankruptcy case.

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