Facebook and Divorce: Why You Should Deactivate Your Account

How often do you hear others say that Facebook is ruining their relationships? Probably more times than you care to count. The truth is that Facebook and other forms of social media can have a devastating impact on relationships.  However, once the damage has been done and the divorce is underway, you should seriously consider deleting your Facebook account until the divorce is finalized.



Consult with your attorney about deactivating or even deleting your Facebook during a divorce.








Divorce attorneys are most known for their strategic methods when representing a party during divorce proceedings. It is quite possible that some of the most damaging evidence against you could be visible on your Facebook page. Because of this, it is best to always maintain a simple social media page and prior to deleting or deactivating, consult with your attorney. In some cases, doing so could be deemed as destroying credible evidence.


Once you have consulted with an attorney, there are a few reasons you may want to deactivate the account during the divorce case.


Your spouse’s attorney may request access to your FB page for discovery.This is a common request and typically the opposing counsel is seeking any indication that you are an unfit parent, engaged in extramarital affairs or degraded your spouse in any manner. These are all issues that could hurt your case.


You may find it difficult to refrain from posting content that could damage your case. Divorces can be stressful and many times, social media is the leading outlet for people to voice their frustrations. It is easy to vent or overshare the emotions being felt and this can be used against you in court. A post as simple as “an eye for an eye” could be twisted by opposing counsel to say that you did something your partner did, such as cheating.


Your Facebook page is under surveillance. This doesn’t mean technically under surveillance, but your spouse and those close to him or her are probably watching your page. This gives them the opportunity to find evidence that may be used against you during the divorce. Pictures may be completely innocent but the comments could be misconstrued and damaging to your case.


Temptation is out there. Facebook can be a ground of temptation and it all starts with one friend request. You should be aware that your spouse will stop at nothing to catch you in the wrong. A friend request could be initiated at the hands of the spouse to see if they can gain incriminating evidence against you. If your account is deleted or deactivated, you won’t run the risk of this happening.



Facebook can create issues in relationships that often lead to divorce.

Don’t allow Facebook to cause your demise during your divorce proceedings. Recalling that there are special circumstances to consider prior to deleting or deactivating your Facebook account when filing for divorce, there are ways to protect yourself. Consult your attorney and if necessary, seek the advice to permanently shut down your Facebook account. This means that you will never regain access to it again, which may be best. Once the divorce is finalized, you may want to start a new page and begin refreshed and anew.

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